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Manufacturer's Advantage

We can renovate or service any type of Wooden Homes at any condition bought from any country in the world.

We are one of the leading Wooden Homes Manufacturers and builders in India. Our Company has extensive experience in building wooden frame structures of all types and sizes. No matter what kind of home design our customer envision, we have the design and construction expertise to make our customers dream a reality.

All our Products are manufactured with the imported woods from Canada are processed here in our Indian factory for Indian climatic conditions which make us a unique service provider who are able to give best in quality of our customers dream wooden home. With our Processing technique we produce the quality of wood which are highly resistant to fire and electricity which ultimately gives us a long life wooden home than a normal wooden home that are currently available in the market.

Wood house is an excellent concept of one of the oldest building construction systems in the world. The wood houses are globally tried, tested and proved Good for mankind for more than two centuries.

The latest home designs which includes, wood as the major item for building homes changed the perspective about wooden house concept. A modern wooden house is not being built in old traditional way Wooden houses create a comfortable living apart from being Aesthetic and Elegant.

Wood House India:-

Even now a days, Wood house in India is a luxury concept. Other than tourist spots like Goa, Pondicherry, Waynad, Munnar, Yercaud, Ooty, Yelagiri, Bangalore, Wood houses in Kerala is built in a different style which gives a palace kind of feeling with different types of roof, Kerala style wood architecture is one of the most different and unique type in India compared with other Indian States. The Kerala style wood houses has close Resemblance to oriental architecture in countries like Japan, Nepal and Tibet. Wooden Kerala Architecture style has a strong impact of Dravidian and Indian Vedic architectural science Vastu sastra. Every Indian state has unique wooden house concepts. Wooden houses in India is combination of different concepts obtained from countries like Canada, Siberia, China, Australia, Bali, Tibet, Japan, Nepal, etc.,

Eco wooden homes:-

Eco wood house plays a major role in Eco friendly home stay Concepts like wooden resort, Eco timber houses, etc., these type of wood houses are more eco friendly since the minerals and chemicals is not used in any form for building wooden houses. Wood brings us back to the Roots of our ancient heritage building concept. Eco wooden homes are easy to assemble with tongue and grooved technique. Very fast assembling concept. A eco wood house of 600 sq ft can be assembled in full, less than 7 days. Eco wood houses can be made with wooden platform also and it follows the timber wood home concept, i.e., no civil flooring is needed hence it can be more useful at beach houses, beach resorts or any CRZ areas. The same wooden resorts can be dismantled and reassembled in other places without much damage at a later stage.

Cottage makers use wood to make wooden cottages in various sizes, cottage when made in wooden planks gives a long life, wooden cottages are more energy efficient and wood cottage is less likely to collapse under the stress of an earth quake. Wood cottages has greater structural flexibility allowing to absorb the ground tremors. It is surprise to note that tremor waves can crack more brittle materials like concrete and brick.

Pre Fabricated wood house @ Kwoodenhomes:-

The Canadian spruce wood of kiln dried, heat treated planks are tongue and grooved in our factory and prefabricated in full at our factory itself, meaning that these wooden house is designed and built in a controlled manner with state of art technology, and then the wooden houses are transported in knocked down condition to the various building sites. Kwoodenhomes offer different levels of complete wooden home construction, this versatlity can be good and great for buyers who wants only basic framing erection done by us and customers can also do lot of sub contracting works like electrical, plumbing, flooring, civil platform and we can also offer prefabricated wooden houses as Turnkey basis.

The wide range of services that we provide are

  • Wooden House Construction Consulting to Customers
  • Cottage Construction
  • Resorts Construction
  • Independent House Construction
  • Roof Top House Construction
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Farm Houses
  • Renovation of wooden house
  • Luxury Wooden Roofing
  • Luxury Wooden Flooring
  • Luxury Wooden Wall Paneling
  • Many More that you Envision in the arena of Wooden Home Construction

"We can also supply to Customer's Design and any type of Wooden Homes Requirements"

wood home manufacturer:

We are manufacturers and exporters of premium quality WoodenHomes, Wooden house, and Wooden home designs that are reputed and proved for their quality and finish. Kwoodenhomes offers the consumers one of the widest selections of Woodhomes and wooden designs in the industry. Mr Ramesh singh being and engineer by profession and from a reputed engineering college and also a processing consultant adds lot of advantages compared with other players in this segment, We have been operating in this line in different forms like resort ,cottages consulting, processing and seasoning of wood, consulting in steam engineering, consultant in wooden resorts, wooden cottages wooden villas,eco friendly cottages etc , consultant in setting up wooden home manufacturing setup for the last 17 years and that has given us an indepth understanding of your requirements on wooden products.Our Woodenhouse display highly predictable and reliable performance characteristics and provide enhanced design flexibility and life. our woodenhouses has already proved suitable in indian climatic conditions more than a decade.

Wood homes:

Wooden homes is a source of inspiration. It has been used to create some of the most stunning, iconic buildings and structures of our time. We specialize in handcrafted, Wooden homes, custom designed, high end timber frames and post and beam building frames. Our structural engineer evaluates all our frames to make sure that they meet all interior structures. Wooden homes has a number of design benefits and as an appearance product it is exemplary. and We have designed lot number of wooden homes all over india.

Wood houses:

Wood play an important role of human life, from its branch until the root have advantages. In early period people build their house from wood, which is easy found in their surrounding environment.and which is called wooden houses. Wood house has its excellences, which felt warm in the winter and cool in the summer thus, wood house is still built in the uplands.wooden houses divide by many types.most of the people want wooden homes to stay for vastu advantages also .

wood homes for resorts:

We listen and effectively respond to your needs of Wooden homes for resorts. We supply standard design as well as engineer custom-design, modern tropical wooden houses, prefab wooden bungalow and modular building home, for use at domestic and mainly international projects of private houses, tropical villas & bungalows, and country side resort hotels.and we arealso one of the specialist to make wooden homes resorts. we hope the knowledge and resources we present here will be useful for broadening your understanding on wooden resorts and servicing wooden resorts issues.

Wood floor:

wood floors come in a wide range of dimensions and styles, with each plank made of wood and milled from a single piece of timber. wooden floors were originally used for structural purposes, being installed perpendicular to the wooden support beams of a building Known as bearers and days wood floors are being used in many buildings and wooden houses. For flooring, woodfloor has natural characteristics. We have our own production team equipped with craftmen who are totally experienced to make wood floor as per International standards.

Wood home plans:

we provide Huge resource of wood working plans and services for wood workers. we also provide Free wood working plans and ideas. Whenever you are looking at Indian house plans, you will notice first that they are built on a grid system and second that they are small compared to houses in other countries Even in modern variations, Indian house plan will still be built on a grid with a central area. Each area is designed to be used for multiple purposes, so less space is needed in the design.we have separate plans for all type of wooden homes.

Cottage house plans:

A cottage style home is typically a smaller design that evokes a picturesque storybook charm, often harking back to the Gothic Revival style of homes. Cottage house plans are flexible and fanciful, often featuring vertical board and batten, shingle, or stucco walls, gable roofs, charming balconies, and expansive bay windows. Today a cottage style house plan describes a cozy one-story cabin or vacation home.If you’re looking for small cottage plans, you may wish to also check the small house plans section of our site. The dictionary defines cottages as “a small, one-family house”, or as “a small house for vacation use”. But a large house can still look like a cottage, so we include cottage floor plans for these larger homes.

WOOD Cottage:

Wood Cottage Design, casual seaside design and woodhome staying, kwooden homes provides services in all the areas of india,.Whether you need help with minor updating, large-scale renovations or new homes, we'll help you achieve the look you want On time and within budget.We at kwoodenhomes make charming cottages located in the downtown area, our cottage house is very spacious living room features with a sofa (sleeper), armchairs, antique marble-top desk, large-screen television and side tables and any type of design that a customer wants to have .

Wood Interiors:

Wooden Interior Design, imparting the commercial establishments matching interior, our designing services generate mesmerizing decor. Be it conference room, board room or workstation, our interior designers are enriched with in-depth upstanding of corporate culture. In line with clients' choices and requirements, they conceptualize, design and implement such type of decor, which enlivens the heart & mind of workers and leave the visitors spellbound at first glance.K wooden Interiors Contractors is a well recognized name, involved in designing the home interior decor as per the choices of clients. Our interior designers hold expertise to create the home decor, which lends the home a contemporary appeal and captivates the attention of beholder interior designers, best known for producing professional designs for interior design and decoration projects.

Wood Paneling:

Wood paneling is used in architecture and design, ornamental treatment of the walls, ceilings, doors, and furnishings that consist of a sequence of broad, thin sheets called panels that were framed together by smaller, thicker strips of wood. It was developed in antiquity to make rooms in stone buildings to look more comfortable. The panels work to insulate the room from the cold stone.Wood paneling is a wall constructed from rigid or semi-rigid components, which are traditionally interlocking wood but it, could be also plastic or other materials, The wood paneling is often passed over as a quality building material.Paneling, also spelled paneling and design, decorative treatment of walls, ceilings, doors, and furniture consisting of a series of wide, thin sheets of wood, called panels, framed together by narrower, thicker strips of wood.

Wood cottages:

Our wide range of wooden cottage is available in various sizes and styles, which are suitable for family for campaigning purposes. The use of superior quality raw materials further enable this canvas cottage to withstand wear and tear and well as feature an attractive finish. Our range of aesthetically Wooden cottages suit both traditional as well as contemporary buildings and is first choice of leading interior designers. This type of cottage is in a quiet, friendly neighborhood. It is fully furnished with antiques and premium quality reproduction furniture.